Top 10 WhatsApp New Features

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Friends, I’m going to talk about 5 WhatsApp new features that have come & 5-6 such features that are yet to come on WhatsApp. They’re great features.

List of WhatsApp New Features

Sticker Maker

Stickers are already present on WhatsApp but now you can create your custom stickers with your photos!

There’s also a photo editor for you to cut your face/body to make different stickers, write on it & add smileys to it too.

And it’s already live on a desktop so you can use it via WhatsApp Web & they’re working on the mobile version.

WhatsApp New Desktop App

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WhatsApp Software – You all know WhatsApp’s desktop version but now there’s a standalone Windows & macOS app. And you don’t have to keep your mobile connected to it. So you can install WhatsApp as independent software. That’ll be good as you don’t have to stay connected on the desktop through mobile. And they’re different software.

They’re useful because you don’t have to keep your phone connected & I can use it on my desktop as well as on my mobile. So now you won’t have to scan the QR code, you’ll just have to do it the first time & then you’re done! You can even install it now from the Microsoft store so if you’re interested, then download it now.

New Info UI

There are structural changes as well in design. Your profile picture/group info structure has changed. Profile picture now looks circular & the layout has improved if you compare it with the previous version. Now I like the profile/group info area as it’s streamlined.

WhatsApp New Message Report

The most helpful feature is here! You can now individually report messages. If you have reported individual messages then the data of the contact that sent the message along with the previously forwarded messages will go to WhatsApp for them to find that you’ve reported the message to find if there’s a problem.

So individual messages can be reported & there are many such messages that shouldn’t be forwarded & shouldn’t be on WhatsApp. So it’s a new & a good feature to have!

WhatsApp New Chat History Migration

Chat History Migration – When you want to shift from iOS to Android or vice versa, it’s very difficult to migrate the chat history. But now it’s being natively supported. Samsung & Pixel phones have already adapted it but when Android 12 phones will launch, then you can easily shift from Android to iOS & vice versa! So slowly that’s happening.

Maybe in the next 6-8 months when there’ll be many Android 12 phones, it’ll be very simple. Just like you migrate chat history, you can do it from Android to Android, you can do it from Android to iOS & vice versa.

WhatsApp New End Group

WhatsApp now has a lot of power. If there’s a suspicious group with harmful messages & is being continuously reported, then WhatsApp can now end that group altogether! They might have illegal names/might spam a lot/might send sensitive messages & people are reporting them. Then now WhatsApp can remotely end the group but what if a group that isn’t supposed to end gets ended?

Whatsapp Coming Features

WhatsApp New Communities

I’m looking forward to communities. Groups are there but communities are going to be above it. And just like Discord servers where many people chat etc, just like that, WhatsApp communities are coming & are going to be bigger than groups Groups have a 256 member limit, communities would have a more limit as thousands of people might be able to join them.

So we might even create a nexttechy Community on WhatsApp. That’ll be fantastic! These communities will have features like you can create sub-communities/sub-groups. Admins will have more control over these communities because that’s how they’ll drive communities. So this is going to be a big feature that’ll arrive in some days. As a WhatsApp user, you’re going to have more control too!

WhatsApp New User Control

So this is going to be a big feature that’ll arrive in some days. As a WhatsApp user, you’re going to have more control too! This feature is coming soon where you can decide who wants to view your profile photo/your status/contact information. If you don’t want to share, then you can do that in the settings, so that’s an important & useful privacy feature!

WhatsApp New Message Reactions

There’s a great thing coming, message reaction. When you react, you react as a message, but if you want to react to an emoji, like on Facebook Messenger/on posts, you can now do that on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New Audio Window

There are changes in audio too, If someone sends an audio message then you have to be on the chat window. A 1-2 minutes audio isn’t a problem but a 30 minutes/1 hour audio that you just want to listen to while doing something else,s possible now. WhatsApp is now bringing Global Voice Message Player, where audio will play in the background & you can use WhatsApp. So listen to the audio as well as do your work on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New Delete For Everyone

Finally, it’s an important feature for most people. Delete for everyone was available for 7 minutes then it was increased to 68 minutes, now you can delete for everyone for an infinite amount of time. Meaning, even if you want, you can delete a message after 10-15 days. And you can delete it for everyone.

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